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Outdoor BBQ in Quanzhou Xi Sha Wan

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In order to enrich the leisure activities of employees,Great held an unforgettable BBQ on Aug 11 .


In the afternoon,we left our company excitedly.We sang and played the games in the bus.Everyone felt it was fast to arrive at the destination even though it was been more than 1 hours already.

As soon as we got off the bus, we all rushed to the beautiful sea.Some were building “castle” with their children in the fine beach,some were playing and splashing in the water,some were surfing......everyone’s face broke into a wide grin.


The sun was setting, time to BBQ.

Male colleagues were showing their special skill to bake the delicious food for women and children.Meanwhile female colleagues helped to prepare the fruits and soft drink.


The most exciting was the beach KTV in the night .

Our boss sang a love song with his wife;The factory manager sang happily with wonderful voice; The quality manager sang with a mix of various songs......All kinds of songs with different languages were rewarded with a resounding cheer and applause.


Suddenly, colorful "flowers" blossomed in succession in the sky. Each time when the celebratory fireworks lighted,we hoped Great can get better in the future. 


How time flies,we had to say goodbye to Xi Sha Wan.What a lovely day!