About Us

GREAT - do Centennial Green Business

GREAT , will always focus on the green , environmental protection, new energy and high-tech combined with landscaping to technical strength to lead the industry through generations GREAT people to work for human society to provide a green living. " GREAT " on behalf of our brand, "century " represents our pursuit of continuous efforts, "green " represents industry and objectives.

Enterprise mission:

To greener , more environmentally friendly photovoltaic photoelectric products, to build a conservation -oriented society , and strive to promote low-carbon life !

Business philosophy:

Cost of quality service , integrity and pragmatic innovation

Development policy:
Innovation and development , quality of survival , reputation for service , to improve to win market

Values ​​:

1, the employees are the business owner
Employees are the most important resource and the most active factor . We respect , care, achievement every employee in order to achieve staff , the common development of enterprises and society .

2, the customer is god
Customer first is our unswerving pursuit of the core objectives . We respect our clients , treat customers, exceed customer expectations continue to provide products and services that create more value for customers .

3 , Quality is the life
Our key to success rise and fall of quality , survival and development foundation , responsible for quality is our own responsibility , no quality will be no business tomorrow . Carefully , carefully, carefully , in order to always maintain the quality of the Heart .

Code of Conduct :

1 , planned
Program is the best guarantee of the time , the time is a solid foundation for efficiency , the efficiency is optimized master of action , action is the only way to success .
2 , discipline
Are required to achieve any target implementation as a guarantee, but it is performed to ensure discipline is to target the results of the bridge into reality .
3 , attitudes
Attitude determines the fate are required to achieve any goal that we have a positive attitude . As long as you want to get better, we can create the destiny full of opportunities and success .
4 , down to earth
In real life, everyone has a dream , are eager to succeed, wants to find a shortcut to success . Actually shortcut on your side , that is diligent accumulation, down to earth , and actively work hard .

Factory training :
Excellence, survive !

Factory Wind :
Lively and disciplined, but not childish innocence , courage and not reckless , stubborn and principled , passionate and not impulsive, but not blind optimism .